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16 January 2011 @ 08:12 am
Yesterday was kind of awesome!
Leaders meeting yesterday, then had service and I had to read some suppppeeer long passage. (that I still read wrongly) JOAN YOU WATCH OUT AH. Next week I will definitely be shouting your name. 
Then had cell! Played the screaming game. Hahaha. So fun. We screamed Joel and Sherwyn and Kendrick and Wenhao and Randolf. Haha they seemed like they had fun. Then worship was quite (Y) HAHA sorry I'm still laughing about it. 
Then forum theatre! It was quite funny, but I hope they learnt something :)

All in all, a good saturday. Super tiring to keep screaming during cell yesterday though. Haha.
Going for my first JC cell today! 
11 January 2011 @ 10:41 pm
 Today was a nice Tuesday! It was raining throughout the whole of today. 

I spent a lot of money by traveling today. I kept going to different MRT stations, so tap tap tap and..there goes my money :( 

I met up with Jodie and Alex to get Jodie's school supplies. That smart RJ girl is starting school tomorrow! Jo if you see this, don't worry k cos I'm sure RJ is gonna be fantastic for you :) Don't get a boyfriend too quick and forget us k!
Shopping for all her pens/notebooks at Muji got me really excited to start school. I'm kinda pumped up to...learn. Haha I feel like some idiot. I'm sure in a month's time or so, I doubt I'll be saying the same thing.

After our lunch and walking around I went back to work to collect my pay, and...got bombarded to go to poly again. Irritating boss. Haha.
Then got home, found my gramps there! First time I saw my maternal grandma in a long time....which also means first time I spoke chinese in a long time. I amaze myself. I can speak chinese...still! And if I get into IB, I'm gonna take chinese again. Hello old frienddddddddd. Haha! I know it sounds really stupid to take chinese again, but it's apparently really easy and I wanna score so..yeah. I guess it's worth it. Still didn't get to reach laoshi and tell her I got b4 for chinese. Hahaha I must show her that miracles happen.....then invite her to church.

Tonight I was digging through some of my old stuff. Found some funny stuff. Like a participation cert for those UNSW competitions. And my self-made motivational posters saying "8 POINTS FOR Os 2010" and "I can do all things through christ who strengthens me!". I suddenly remembered how I was struggling with chem and physics and chinese so bad before Os, hahaha. Getting the scores that I got (even though chem sucked) it was really God's grace. 

But yes I've been wondering. What does it really mean to rely on God's strength, like what do you do...that makes you considered as using God's strength? Haha sorry very bad english but I don't know how to phrase it. If you know please tell me :)
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10 January 2011 @ 11:35 pm
I am really grateful right now. Not just for my score, but for the many people who texted me jiayou and stuff, and for the many people who have been encouraging me throughout my Os. My family, my friends, my cell, my team. Thanks so much! <3

But most of all, all the praise and honour goes to God for having been there for me this year! I remember times in june when I was like..oh my goodness I'm gonna fail my Os. Hahaha I remember my superduperuber epic mid year score!!! 28 I think? HAHA.

I remember how lao shi used to tell me that I would definitely fail higher chinese. Haha yoo hoo b4 man. Chinese ftw!!!!! HAHA it has not let me down since primary school. Every time it comes to major exams chinese scores always make me laugh. I think today I was the most happy about my chinese...could not stop talking about it. (Btw I love my chinese name plus its meaning hahahahaha)

But yeah. I don't know what to do now. I have till Friday to put down my 12 choices for JC. I thought before this I had it all planned out. But goodness me, I suddenly realize that I don't. I've gotta meet lots of seniors and friends to find out more about jc life so I won't make the wrong choices!

Okay so next two weeks I think we'll just party. Jodie starts school in 2 days so have fun at RI Jo!!! :) I'll be hanging out with Alex, going for open houses and all. Sounds like fun. Hope we go to the same school!

Okay today has left me drained. To all who have done well congrats! And to those who feel you could have done better, don't regret :) Your story has not ended, and I'm sure there's a really good reason that you're going to where you're going. And quote Kunfu Panda: There are no accidents!

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10 January 2011 @ 10:19 am
 Totally feeling the love! Haha it's results day, and I think I'm more relaxed than the past few days. I think I'm scaring myself too much, hahaha. Whatever happens today...nothing I do can change it. Kinda makes me feel better knowing that all I need to do is SEE the results, rather than like...take another paper or something.

Becky and Cheryl coming over soon to monopoly deal!!!! Our way of destressing :) Im gonna so sad when Cheryl has to leave. :(

Something funny. Joanne was looking for black jackets at Uniqlo yesterday, then I said I'm not getting anything cos if I can get into AC I can get the AC jacket. HAHA. And she said she wanted it tooooo, so if I can get in I'll help her buy! Funny how a lot of non AC people have the AC "merchandise". Haha.

Which reminds me, our cell leader Mr Sherwyn called us yesterday to pray for us for today :) So nice! Missing c2 a little bit now that we've got our own cell...but hope things don't change too much! 

Okay results in a few hours, now I'm excited!!!!
09 January 2011 @ 10:20 pm
It's been quite a first week of 2011.

Just a week into this new...decade (not even year) and I feel the whole BOOMZ of JC life. Being at JC camp helped me to understand what to expect from JC a lot better. Talking to seniors gave me a heads up on subject combis, on teachers, on study methods, etc. But their..."horror stories" also left me feeling quite jittery. Results are out tomorrow, so I guess after that I'll kinda have a little clue on the JC life I'll be having!

I do have a goal in mind. Haha. I've been lying to A LOT of people when I say I'm not sure about where I wanna go. I'm sure of where I want to go, but...I highly doubt I can make it there, and people have been saying I can't handle it and stuff so..I don't know. I guess some dreams are just better if you keep them to yourself :) Even if I can't make it there...I think like everyone else I do have a Plan B, and I quite like mine so...hopefully things don't go SO incredibly bad until I have to go to plan F or something...cos I don't even think I have a plan F.

My O level journey ends tomorrow! Or maybe on the 26th of January when I know which school I'm actually posted to but...it's been a great journey. I guess everyone will agree when I say it's going to be nothing compared to what I'll go through during JC, but. It was fun. Not always easy, but fulfilling. God has sent me wonderful people to encourage me through my life at St Margs, and many experiences to mould me into who I am today! And I believe He'll continue to work in my JC life, wherever that may be.

Just hoping for the best, hope I'm allowed to do that! :)
05 January 2011 @ 09:21 pm
 Yet another day at work.
Talking to myselfCollapse )

Haha okay this is the end of me talking to myself about work.

  • Talking to Benedict about our day's achievements. He's telling me about his 1015 word essay, I'm telling him about work. We're laughing. "Cool beans" HAHA
  • Meeting Dajiti for lunch tomorrow yay yay yay (When we going KTV hahahaha)
  • If tomorrow's my last day at work, I think I'm kinda sad to leave! It was quite awkward at first, but now I made friends that are quite fun to be around. Haha today they were really nice. I needed 1 more appointment to get 30 (extra money), then Randy and Shijie were like "forget it no matter how much we work we're still getting $7 an hour, let's help her la". Awwwww I think I'll miss laughing with them at retarded stuff + slacking when Brian and Benjamin aren't around!
  • It's 5 days into 2011, my dad says it already feels like the middle of the year.
  • Results out on the 10th :( I hope it goes okay. Haha praying.
  • My sister's results out tomorrow. Please pray :)
  • Looking forward to seeing c2 after their first week of school. Haha I know they'll have all sorts of funny stories to share with me, ridiculous things they do in school/to their teachers. And I wanna laugh with them. Looking forward to cell :)
  • OH WAIT I'M NOT EVEN GOING :( HAHAHA i just remembered. Which brings me to my last point. JC CAMP ON FRIDAY!
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04 January 2011 @ 09:10 am
6 days to results! Getting more and more nervous each day, doesn't help when everyone expects me to do well cos I really have a bad feeling about it.

I think for Os I really did my best at that point in time so whatever else there is to be done...it's all in Gods hands and I think even if things go sour I can still say that God has a plan :)

Heading to work soon, then gonna meet Joan and Joanne at vivo! Hopefully it doesnt rain :)

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03 January 2011 @ 08:41 pm
 Another day at work, then dinner with family. I think it was one of the first times I ate brown rice outside of the house. Hehehe :) Being a good daughter. 

My dad was just telling me how the beatles' best music (in his opinion) was when they were younger and poorer..before they were all famous and rich. It was when they were starving and poor that the intensity and sincerity came through in their music. 
That's just an encouraging thought. Looking at a well polished diamond may not be very special then seeing a diamond in the rough, like you know....admist all the gross grey stone there's this shiny diamond bits peeping through from inside, it'd be cooler right. Haha I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Work and jajojo picnic tomorrow!
Happy Birthday Benton and Week :)
03 January 2011 @ 01:10 pm
It's been a boring day at work. I'm multitasking nao. Hahaha I can't wait for shuling to get here!

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